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The Pipes & Drums are the ceremonial element of any Scottish or Highland unit supplying music for all parade and ceremonial events that a Regiment may have. This ranges from full Battalion parades to funerals, weddings, public concerts and Mess dinners. The Pipes & Drums also play a valuable part in maintaining the Regiment’s identity not only as a Scottish unit but in the local community as well. As a Piper or Drummer, you must be dependable, able to quickly react and readily adapt to changing situations. A sense of musicality, self discipline, physical and mental stamina and positive attitude are essential.

The Lorne Scots is a Primary Reserve unit within the Canadian Forces and as with all Scottish or Highland regiments, a Regimental Pipe Band is an integral part of the Regimental Family. Our organization requires the dedication of competent pipers and drummers of any age.  The minimum allowable age for the Lorne Scots Pipes & Drums is fourteen (14) years of age.  At this age you will be expected to parade as a Cadet.  If you are of an age that allows you to enter into the Regiment as a sworn soldier, then we offer full-time employment throughout the summer and part-time throughout the remaining year. There is no fixed term of service in the reserves. That means that you are not obligated to serve for any specific period of time. We offer excellent remuneration. Should you qualify, you can apply for a tuition reimbursement of $2,000 / year to a maximum of $8,000 over your degree or diploma. There is no cost incurred to you. Should you wish to “test the waters” as a civilian volunteer you will quickly see the benefits of being a member of the Pipes & Drums as a Reservist.

As a member of our Pipes & Drums, you should expect to attend every Tuesday night from 1930-2230h. Practice is held in Georgetown at the J.R. Barber Armoury on Todd Rd. If you are new to piping or drumming, lessons will be provided free of charge starting at 1830h.  Lessons will be conducted for approximately one (1) hour and daily practice at home is expected.  If you are currently playing the pipes or the drums as a student or a mature musician, an audition can be conducted at the armoury in Georgetown any Tuesday night after 1900 hours.

As a playing member of the Pipes & Drums you will have the following benefits:

  • Domestic and international travel
  • Uniforms supplied
  • Instruments supplied
  • Paid engagements
  • Paid practices and summer employment (for on strength Members only)

If you meet the basic recruiting standard to enter the Pipes & Drums as a member of the Reserves, you should be aware that the recruiting process is detailed and takes an average of two to three months. If it is your intent to join the Regimental Pipes & Drums as a sworn soldier, it is recommended that you see the unit recruiter so you can start the recruiting process. Please also visit the unit web site at and view the Pipes & Drums link for some pictures of the band.

To arrange an audition or interview please contact:

Drum Major Iain McGibbon

Regimental Headquarters   905-451-5724

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